What are some common frustrations that developers encounter when dealing with clients?

Web developers often encounter various frustrations when working with clients. While every client-developer relationship is unique, some common frustrations include:

Scope Creep: Clients may change their minds frequently, request additional features, or expand the project's scope without understanding the implications on timelines and budgets.

Unrealistic Expectations: Some clients may have unrealistic expectations about what can...

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Text Styles

This Text Styles app provides the most stunning way to chat!

The Text Styles app adds a touch of style to your messages when chatting with your friends by using pre-made decorative text.

Text Styles is handy and incredibly easy to use.

Write stylized text and share them in your favourite chat app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Hangouts and every other app which supports editing...

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The World Radios app that lets you listen to radio stations from all over the world

The World Radios app lets you listen to thousands of live radio stations around the globe.

Almost every single country is represented. New stations are added every day. Just tap on the radio station to start playing without any interruption.

The radio will keep playing, even if your phone goes to sleep. You can also...

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Domain Name

Four reasons why you need www.YourName.com

I’m talking about getting your own personal domain name. Why? The reasons are: control, professionalism, email, and branding. You can’t lose, other than the yearly $12 (Rs 500) registration fee. If you need hosting as well, it's $50 (Rs 2,000) per year.


What comes up when someone googles you? You’ll probably see links to social media...

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This Instant Pot & Air Fryer Recipes App is All You'll Need to Start Making Great Dishes

Have you heard of the Instant Pot or the Air Fryer yet? It's the latest craze that's taking over kitchens everywhere, and we've got your recipe needs covered right here!

The Instant Pot & Air Fryer Recipes app is so simple to use, you will love it! This user-friendly app lets you create...

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