Generate My App

Building an app can be challenging. You need coding knowledge and experience, and before all of that, you need a winning idea. But what if you have the idea and not the coding skills? Can you still build an app? The answer is yes!

Generate My App has dubbed itself as the app builder for busy small business owners. And while that sounds almost quaint, we think they’re right on the money. 

Building an app without any coding knowledge has to be easy. The process must be distilled down to a series of basic steps, all of which Generate My App clearly displays on their site. 

Here’s what that process looks like: 

  1. Enter your website URL.
  2. Pick a template with all the features you need.
  3. Brand your app with business info, logos, choose your colour scheme and social account info.
  4. Hit publish!

The layout of their design platform is clean. You also get a real-time preview of your build as you add and tweak elements. 

Here are their pricing plans:

Generate My App appears to be one of the more robust app builders available today. Give them a try!